The coffee of Turin, in the city center


The Bar Stampa is located in the center of Turin and is always ready to offer the best quality available to its customers. Equipped with a déhor near the street, the restaurant allows, especially during the summer, to sit outside to enjoy a coffee, a dish or a drink.

Inside, on the other hand, you can take a seat in the comfortable tables on the lower floor of the bar, but also in the characteristic raised area which, like a balcony, overlooks the entrance and the counter.

The Bar Stampa is not just a café. The restaurant offers a selection of peculiar products, sought after in the area, to never be banal. Depending on seasons and holidays, these are finely chosen by the attentive eye of the owners, so that they meet the wishes of the customers. You can enjoy breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs in a modern and bright room on several floors, inside which stands out a minimal décor.

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